Why Partner with Red Curve?

Lower Overhead for Treasury and Accounting Functions icon

Red Curve’s goal is to provide customized financial management solutions at a cost below what it would cost your organization or campaign to hire full-time employees to do that same work.

Make Spending Decisions Based on Accurate Cash Flow Forecasts icon

As conditions on the ground change during the campaign, we ensure that your team is making decisions based on a clear picture of the cash needed to keep the doors open and the lights on.

Gain Access to a Network of Experts in Campaign Treasury Ops icon

We do this all day, every day and are constantly seeking out the right partners for our clients to work with to optimize their financial management and operations.

More Time for Finance Team to Raise Money icon

Every minute they spend dealing with accountants, banks, credit card processors, accounts payable, vendors, expense reports and the like is time taken away from raising money.

Increase Confidence for Donors, Party Officials, Vendors and Staff icon

Adding Red Curve Solutions to your team demonstrates that you are serious about professional financial management and won’t waste their money on bloated overhead or sloppy financial practices.

Avoid Negative Press and Fodder for Opposition Researchers icon

Campaign finance issues = bad press. Even the slightest campaign financial management or compliance issues can turn into a nightmare in the hands of a ruthless opposition researcher.

Partnering With Red Curve

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2013 AAPC Pollie Award Winner

Red Curve Solutions was awarded a Pollie Award for Best Use of New Technology by the American Association of Political Consultants.

What our clients are saying:

“The one stop shop approach makes my life as a fundraiser so much easier. I can review revenue and expenses with one quick phone call.”
— John Cook, Fundraiser

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