Lessons learned from the RNC Growth and Opportunity Project

Red Curve Solutions named ‘hidden gem’ of 2012 election cycle

Red Curve Solutions was named a “hidden gem” of the 2012 Romney presidential campaign and a “model” for fundraising and compliance best practices in the Republican National Committee’s Growth and Opportunity Project.

The 100-page report detailed the challenges facing the Republican Party and outlined recommendations for future success. The project emphasized the importance of innovative technology, improved data management, and party-wide communication.

The RNC report highlighted the operational efficiency of Red Curve Solutions as the full-service embed treasury department for the 2012 Romney Presidential campaign:

"One of the hidden gems in 2012 was the admin shop at the Romney campaign. The RNC should consider how to promote the lessons learned from that operation" (p. 61).

Red Curve Solutions was the first private firm to implement a fully integrated finance, expense, and budget platform on a Republican presidential campaign. We managed the treasury, budgeting, and compliance of Romney for President, Romney Victory JFC, and the RNC Presidential Trust, processing over $1B in all – more spending than the previous four Republican presidential candidates combined.

Red Curve Solutions accomplished all of this with nine staff members. In comparison, the 2008 McCain for President treasury department processed $350M with a staff of over 30 individuals. This represents a ten-fold increase in efficiency.

Red Curve’s operational efficiencies are driven by technology. We consulted with private sector technology experts to bring cutting edge financial technology to the political sphere. The result of this collaboration is an award-winning, scalable platform that is built to accommodate the unique and fast-paced needs of political and fundraising-driven organizations of all sizes.

We are excited to be mentioned as a part of this ongoing project with the RNC and look forward to contributing innovative technology to winning Republican campaigns. Check back here for more tips in best practices and for solutions to unique campaign challenges.

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