Avoid headlines like this!

We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about the budgeting and FEC compliance services that Red Curve provides, but did you know that Red Curve also provides important administrative and HR functions?

Red Curve Solutions is your full-service Treasury back office. In addition to filing your FEC paperwork and getting your bank accounts up and running, we register your campaign with the appropriate state body to set up payroll, pay taxes, and provide insurance for your employees. Because of the short-term duration of a campaign cycle and because campaigns aren’t perceived as traditional businesses, these functions often go overlooked.  Don’t let your campaign face an embarrassing headline like this:

Udall campaign slapped with tax lien

Today it was reported Mark Udall failed to pay unemployment insurance taxes from his campaign and was hit with a tax lien by the State of Colorado.

This is especially off-message for the Senator, who recently said that keeping unemployment benefits funded was his number one priority.

Don’t let administrative and financial obligations undermine your campaign’s message. The staff at Red Curve Solutions is experienced in the unique needs of political organizations. We’ll keep your campaign out of the red and on message.

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