Campaign Challenge: Volatile Revenue Streams

Uncertain and volatile revenue streams result in campaign debt or surplus

Executing a winning campaign strategy requires money -- a lot of money -- and because campaigns are fast-paced and short-term by nature, money is spent and raised quickly.

In this environment, how can you be sure that your campaign isn’t running at a deficit? How can you guarantee that your campaign will have funds to be competitive in the final 30 days of the election? Coping with volatile revenue streams requires an accurate and timely process for monitoring cash flow.

No campaign manager wants to deal with either of the following scenarios after an election:

  1. Surplus: Additional funds were unaccounted for = lost GOTV and/or media buying opportunities
  2. Debt: Lack of awareness when spending outpaced revenue = unpaid bills

Modern campaigns require a technology platform designed for fast-paced environments that process high volumes of money. Red Curve’s financial tools allow campaigns of all sizes to react to unpredictable revenue streams in real time and make the most of every dollar. Red Curve uses a fully integrated expense platform to generate efficient and malleable budgets at every stage of a campaign. Key decision makers are able to respond swiftly to fundraising numbers, make accurate spending decisions, and allocate resources accordingly.

Red Curve’s leading edge technology produces up-to-the-minute financial information, providing campaigns with unprecedented control over cost and the guarantee that all resources are being spent to win. A partnership with Red Curve Solutions proves to your staff, consultants, and constituents that you are serious about keeping your campaign out of the red and ahead of the curve. 

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