Campaign Challenge: Get Your Campaign Off The Ground

How to run a competitive campaign from the outset


Whether you’re considering a run for office or are already a candidate, chances are you've already evaluated why you want to run, your probability of winning, and your platform—but you may not have considered all of the financial and operational logistics awaiting your campaign:


  • Do you have fundraising goals? An organizational and long-term budgeting plan?
  • How will you track the money you raise and spend?
  • How will you ensure that your campaign has the funds to be competitive throughout the election? 


Red Curve has the logistics covered. We know that the key to running a successful campaign is setting realistic fundraising and spending goals at the outset. Red Curve’s onboarding process builds an immediate framework for responsible and strategic campaign spending. Make your next decision the best one and get your campaign up and running in hours, not weeks. Here’s how we’ll do it in 72 hours:


  • File paperwork with the FEC
  • Register campaign with state body
  • Implement universal compliance procedures
  • Establish banking accounts
  • Procure online donation gateway
  • Establish donation procedures for mail and credit card contributions
  • Build staffing and equipment plan
  • Craft detailed cash flow plan to keep burn rate low
  • Set realistic fundraising goals to meet expense needs
  • Create long-term plan to support media goals and objectives


Now that you’ve eliminated operational setbacks, you have an immediate advantage over your competition: more time to raise cash and get out the vote. 

Keywords: budget, fundraising, election, spending, operations

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