Partnering With Red Curve

Adding Red Curve to your team will give you not just bookkeeping or compliance services, but CFO-level financial management expertise and support. We don’t just provide you with a software license and a Quickbooks ledger and turn you loose. We provide end-to-end accountability for your finances from the time the money is raised to the time it is spent and reported in campaign finance or public charity reports.

Red Curve Solutions is there as a strategic partner to give your team personalized guidance on the unique financial management needs of political campaigns and not-for-profit organizations.

Why Partner?

Lower Overhead for Treasury
and FEC Compliance

Red Curve’s goal is to provide customized financial management solutions at a cost below what it would cost your organization or campaign to hire full-time employees to do that same work. Also, as your financial management partner, we’ll constantly be on the lookout for ways to optimize spending in all areas of the campaign or organization’s operations. Less money
spent on overhead is more money
spent on finding votes
or spent on programs
fulfilling your mission.

Make Better Spending Decisions

As conditions on the ground change during the campaign, we ensure that your team is making decisions based on a clear picture of the cash needed to keep the doors open and the lights on. Pledged dollars and actual dollars are not the same thing, so properly managed cash flow is essential for keeping your campaign out of debt.

Gain Access to a Network of Proven Experts
in Campaign Operations

We do this all day, every day and are constantly seeking out the right partners for our clients to work with to optimize their financial management and operations. We have working relationships with the best and most trusted vendors to ensure that we squeeze maximum value out the dollars spent with them.

More Time for Finance Team
to Raise Money

Their time is, literally, money. Every minute they spend dealing with accountants, banks, credit card processors, accounts payable, vendors, expense reports and the like is time taken away from raising money.

Increase Confidence for Donors,
Party Officials, Vendors and Staff

Your donors and staff (paid and volunteer) want to know that your organization is one worthy of their investment. Adding Red Curve Solutions to your team demonstrates that you are serious about professional financial management and won’t
waste their money on bloated overhead
or sloppy financial practices. We will
be able to help you make the
case for additional investment
from party organizations
and national donors.

Avoid Negative Press from FEC Complaints or Campaign Debt

Campaign finance issues = bad press.
Even the slightest campaign financial management or compliance issues can turn into a nightmare in the hands of a ruthless opposition researcher. Your campaign’s financial disclosures will be dissected by your opponents and the media, so don’t let sloppy campaign finances undermine your campaign’s message or force you to use resources cleaning up a mess that could have been avoided.