What We Do

In the world of politics and campaigns: fundraisers find dollars, consultants spend dollars; and Red Curve Solutions helps you make every dollar count!

Red Curve Solutions takes best practices and vendors from the private sector, blends in a proprietary accounting and expense management technology platform to give organizations a superior level of financial expertise without the need to hire additional staff. Why Partner With Us?

Our capabilities include:

  • Full-service Treasury and Accounting
  • FEC Compliance
  • Donor Database Management
  • Expense and Payables Management and Oversight
  • Budget Creation and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Overhead and Operations Cost Optimization
  • Payroll and Tax Data Solutions
  • Post-campaign scale down and interim operation

Services FAQ

Do you offer a donation database?

Yes we do! Red Curve Solutions offers a comprehensive database for revenue and expenses, it is called Vortex.

How much does it cost?

Red Curve’s goal is to provide customized financial management solutions at a cost below what it would cost your organization or campaign to hire full-time employees to do that same work. As your campaign’s needs change (either growing or shrinking), we can scale our team and flow resources to meet those changing needs much more easily and eliminate staffing risks for your organization.

Can’t we just hire my friend who is a local accountant and a campaign supporter to do this work?

Our team is experienced in the unique financial management needs of political campaigns that come from unpredictable cash flow, rapid spending decisions, compliance considerations, quick ramp-up and wind-down of campaign operations, customized payroll and benefits for staff and contractors, etc. Though your local accountant may be a friend and supporter, his or her inexperience with political campaign operations may lead to costly financial mistakes or violations of campaign finance law. We do this all day, every day and will be there that whole time as a strategic financial management partner.

How are Red Curve’s services different than that of our Finance Director or Fundraising Consultant, for example?

Every campaign is different, but generally Finance Directors and fundraising consultants are selected and judged based on how well they RAISE money. We spend most of our time and energy focused on how your campaign handles the money once its raised. We deliver accountability for every dollar from the time it comes in the door to the time it leaves.

Does Red Curve get involved with campaign strategy?

Only to the extent that we provide the truth on how much ‘strategy’ the campaign can afford and sound advice and scenario planning when the money gets tight (and it will). Your campaign management and political advisors are the experts on the campaign’s message and tactics to secure the 50%+1 votes needed to win so we let them do their job and we stick to ours.

How does Red Curve make it easier for the campaign to manage spending?

Among other things, Red Curve has built a proprietary, online expense management platform that puts spending and budget information in one place for campaign managers and leadership teams. Staffers enter expenses through our online portal and campaign managers are notified via email of pending approvals. Expenses are approved online and fed directly into our accounting system for payment and accurate, real-time tracking and reporting on the budget and cash positions.

Ultimately, staffers get reimbursed more quickly, vendors and consultants get paid on time and campaign managers spend less time dealing with expense reports and angry vendors. Everybody is happier and can spend more time on winning the election or fulfilling the group’s mission.

Can't our campaign do this work with a software package from a political software company?

Sure. But in order to do the work, your campaign will need to do the work. In other words, you'll either need a volunteer (you often get what you pay for and as volunteers come and go, you'll be spending a lot of time training), you'll need to hire a dedicated manager for this work or split the work across staffers whose main focus should be finding votes and not counting money.

With Red Curve, our proprietary expense management and accounting systems are included in our partnership agreement and your campaign isn't faced with hiring someone to handle the financial management, risking costly mistakes by inexperienced volunteers or splitting important work between other staffers as an after-thought. Instead, you get a custom solution for end-to-end accountability and a consistent presence overseeing your campaign's finances at a cost lower than the cost of staff plus for license fees for one-size-fits-all software packages.

I thought you only did expense processing?

That is what people would like you to think but Red Curve Solutions is one of the only one stop shops in the industry for all your financial needs. We process expenses, checks, credit cards and anything else that is legal to accept under campaign finance law.

Why are you in Massachusetts not Washington, D.C.?

The company was founded in MA in 2008 while the owners wife was undergoing chemotherapy. There is no better place to be in the world than MA when you have a medical problem. Not the best place for Republican politics but roots are hard to break.