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​The Focus of Our Work

​The nature of our client list puts us at the leading edge of campaign finance compliance and financial management. With clients spanning all 50 states, we have experience with political organizations with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $1 billion. We are front and center in the minds of other leading providers of campaign-related services for GOP candidates and committees. In other words, we have direct access to the highest levels with these providers that we put to use in helping resolve issues for our clients.

Here is just a small sample of client testimonials:

“The Red Curve team did an outstanding job for the Romney Victory JFC. Red Curve's innovative expense portal enabled the finance team to stay on top of spending. Their ability to provide up-to-the-minute financial reports enabled the campaign to make critical tactical decisions in the weeks leading up to the election.”

Chris Liddell
Treasurer of Romney Victory and former CFO of Microsoft

“Hiring Red Curve was one of my best decisions as a candidate. Their team eliminated what could have been a huge headache for me and my campaign and allowed us to focus on winning the election. I had total confidence that if we had an issue they would be able to deal with it quickly and effectively with just one call or email. We had zero compliance issues, maximum yield from fundraising, and highly efficient spending. You should hire them today.”

Tom Cotton
US Congressman, Arkansas (R)

“After having hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from our campaign in 2008, I had two mandates: do not go into debt and account for every dollar. Red Curve’s cash flow and budget management services allowed us to plan almost to the dollar what we could spend in order to stay out of the red. Their online payment approval process ensured all spending was as transparent as possible. Red Curve was exactly the right partner to help avoid problems.”

Christopher Shays
Six-term US Congressman, Connecticut (R)

“Our campaign was dysfunctional but Red Curve made it functional.”

Anonymous Senate Campaign Manager

“Red Curve made it easy for me to focus on being the candidate. Knowing everything was taken care of was a huge benefit and instrumental in taking back the corner office.”

Charlie Baker
Governor of MA

“Your ability to shut down a campaign quickly and efficiently benefits anyone running for office.”

Rick Lazio
former Congressman from New York

“The one stop shop approach makes my life as a fundraiser so much easier. I can review revenue and expenses with one quick phone call.”

John Cook