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​Red Curve Solutions, LLC - About Us

Red Curve Solutions, LLC (“Red Curve Solutions ®”) is a treasury, budgeting, and compliance service-provider to national and state Republican political campaigns, parties, and PACs. It is based in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Growth and Experience

Red Curve Solutions ® was founded during the 2008 election cycle by Bradley T. Crate, the Deputy Chief Financial Officer of the Romney for President campaign. Mr. Crate recognized the need to apply a more structured approach to compliance and treasury management to campaigns. Using a full-service model and leveraging innovative technology, Red Curve Solutions ® solves the complex problems posed by the financial logistics of modern political campaigns.

Since its inception, Red Curve Solutions ® has partnered with some of the most notable campaigns in the country. A key factor in Red Curve Solutions' ® success has been its ability to differentiate itself through its relationships, reputation, campaign expertise, and advanced technology.

In 2012, Mr. Crate served as Chief Financial Officer for the Romney-Ryan campaign in addition to serving as Treasurer for Congressional and Senatorial campaigns.

During the 2012 campaign, $1 billion was processed through the Red Curve Solutions ® system with approximately nine staff members. That is the same amount that was raised and spent in the last four Republican presidential campaigns combined but those campaigns needed about 35 Treasury staff members each.

In 2013, Red Curve Solutions ® won an AAPC (American Association of Political Consultants) Award for Best Use of New Technology. Also, in March 2013, Red Curve Solutions ® was identified as a “hidden gem” of the 2012 Romney Presidential campaign.

In 2016, Red Curve Solutions ® served as the Treasurer to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. as well as the two joint fundraising committees in which the Trump campaign participated--Trump Victory and Trump Make America Great Again. Red Curve Solutions ® also provided compliance services to the some of the most important senate and congressional races in the country.