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Federal Campaigns

House of Representatives, Senate, President

There is always a campaign. Elections for the House of Representatives occur every 2 years. Senate elections occur every 2 years, with terms lasting six years, and presidential elections occur every four years.  Whether you are an experienced incumbent or a political newcomer, Red Curve Solutions ® has the budgeting, compliance, and data management solutions for you.

​Who Benefits from Red Curve Solutions ®?

  • Incumbents
  • Political newcomers
  • Political Staff and Consultants
  • Treasurers

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Full-service Treasury and Accounting
  • FEC Compliance
  • Donor Database Management
  • Expense and Payables Management and Oversight
  • Budget Creation and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Overhead and Operations Cost Optimization
  • Payroll and Tax Data Solutions
  • Post-campaign scale down and interim operation


Don't know how to start or set up a campaign? 

The campaign will start small, but will inevitably grow. We need a vendor that can scale quick if possible.

Our Treasurer has a full time job and is too busy to worry about the day-to-day minutiae.

We need someone to handle our receipts, expenses, and reporting. We can't keep track of all the reporting dates and obligations.