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Bradley Crate Covers Campaign Compliance and Treasury

Posted 07/09/2015

Former Romney Campaign Treasurer talks campaign finance laws, treasury, and keeping yourself out of trouble For the first installment of the Political Trade Secrets podcast, we’re excited to be joined by Bradley Crate, founder of Red Curve Solutions. Brad served as the CFO on Romney 2012 presidential campaign and the deputy CFO on the 2008 campaign... Read More

Super PAC article written by our Founder

Posted 06/24/2015

Consultants have, until recently, described the post-Citizens United regulatory climate as the “Wild West” of campaign finance. But that hyperbole has died down with the two-year prison sentence given to a GOP operative for illegal Super PAC coordination and the FEC’s lawsuit against a Utah businessman for making what it called $170,000 in illegal ... Read More

2014 Midterm Elections

Posted 11/11/2014

Last Tuesday was an exciting day for Republicans across the country and we are proud to have worked with many victorious campaigns this cycle. Since 2012, we have grown our client list to over 100 campaigns, state parties, joint fundraising committees, and political organizations. We launched our credit card processing platform this cycle. A total ... Read More

Red Curve President Bradley Crate featured in Campaigns and Elections Magazine

Posted 08/30/2014

Red Curve President and Founder Bradley Crate was recently featured in Campaigns & Elections Magazine's Shop Talk feature: Who says compliance is boring? Check out the full article below. SHOP TALK: WHO SAYS COMPLIANCE IS BORING? From spotting a thieving treasurer to avoiding FEC penalties, compliance isn't as bland as you might think. This is... Read More