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Political Action Committees

​Leadership PACs, Corporate PACs, Super PACs, Hybrid PACs

PACs come in all shapes and sizes--each with their own different compliance needs. Red Curve Solutions ® has the solutions that can be tailored to match your PAC.

Who Benefits from Red Curve Solutions ®

  • Leadership PACs
  • Corporate PACs
  • Trade Association PACs
  • State and Local PACs
  • Federal/State Combination PACs

What Red Curve Solutions ® Can Do for You:

  • Ensure compliance with the proper regulatory body (FEC, state campaign finance board)
  • Reconcile bank statements to disclosure reports
  • Ensure that activity is reported on the correct line of the disclosure report
  • Provide PAC decision-makers with the most recent disclosure reports along with an updated cash report
  • Empower PAC leaders and staff with the information that they need
  • Budgeting
  • Conduct audits of activity and present findings to decision-makers
  • Amend previous reports to correct shortcomings
  • Provide continuity for record-keeping and reporting to minimize effects of staff turnover
  • Leverage proprietary technology with experience