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Vortex or Apex

​Accounts Receivable

​Careful attention to your organization's receipts

​Red Curve Solutions ® employs sound processes and industry best practices.

No matter the form of receipt, Red Curve Solutions ® has the solution for you.

First, for online contributions, use Red Curve Solutions ® proprietary widget, APEX℠. APEX℠ is fully integrated with VORTEX℠ for maximum ease and convenience.

For checks, Red Curve Solutions ® provides a detailed, human analysis of each financial instrument that comes in the door. We will evaluate any donor forms or donor correspondence accompanying the check. Prohibited or flawed checks are returned to the donor with appropriate correspondence. Acceptable receipts are batched, deposited, and recorded in VORTEX℠ with identifying details such as event code, conduit, joint fundraising committee, or fundraiser/bundler. Any necessary compliance letters are sent to donors in a timely manner.

Key Features of Red Curve Solutions ® Contribution Processing System

Careful human analysis

Research and vetting of contributions and the financial instrument

Accurate data entry

Routine data maintenance

Analysis and reporting to the level of detail matching client needs

Leveraging the power of VORTEX℠ for budgeting, analysis, and compliance reporting purposes