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Make Better Spending Decisions

​Red Curve Solutions ® helps track, account, and project your financial condition in a way that is helpful to organizational decision-makers.

As conditions on the ground change during the campaign, we ensure that your team is making decisions based on a clear picture of the cash needed to keep the doors open and the lights on. Pledged dollars and actual dollars are not the same thing, so properly managed cash flow is essential for keeping your campaign out of debt.

Budgeting is the often neglected "lifeblood" of a campaign's execution. A carefully crafted and maintained budget drives decisions about everything--office space, personnel, placed media, and strategy. The budget needs to be created at the beginning and constantly revised and updated to reflect reality. A real-time budget is not easy to maintain. The campaign is constantly raising money from a plethora of sources and constantly spending money. A campaign must capture all this data and update its budget frequently for the review of decision-makers. A campaign without a budget could end up crippled and without the resources to advertise in the crucial final weeks of the election.

Don't have experience in budgeting but have impeccable political instincts to manage a campaign?

Partner with Red Curve Solutions ®. Red Curve Solutions ® has all the solutions to meet your unique budgeting needs.

Please call us to discuss your organization and it's unique needs.

Here is just a sample of some of the budgeting services we can provide:

Providing a dedicated Red Curve Solutions ® individual to act as the Chief Financial Officer of your organization.

Providing Weekly, Daily, or even more frequent cash reports.

Creating both short-term and long-term budgets for each vital stage of your organization's existence.

Developing budget projections to aid organizational principals in decision-making.

Leveraging industry experience to ensure that you pay vendors a fair market value--and not a penny more!