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State Parties

Where Red Curve Solutions ® Is Most Needed

Given their unique nature, state parties experience some of the most difficult compliance challenges. Red Curve Solutions ® can provide the stability to state parties that experience frequent change. 

In our experience, out of all the types of political committees, state parties encounter the most trouble with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and its equivalents at the state level. There are a number of reasons. First, unlike candidate committees, state parties are virtually perpetual entities that continue on after an election cycle’s end. Second, even though parties continue to operate, there is often great turnover among the staff from election cycle to election cycle. This can result in a lack of continuity and the loss of institutional knowledge and experience. Since state parties often find themselves in FEC enforcement actions or audits, a common response from party leadership is to enlist the expertise of a Certified Public Accountant. While CPAs can be essential for many entities including corporations, LLCs, and not-for-profit organizations, CPAs might not be the best fit to audit your political committee financials.

What Red Curve Solutions ® Can Do for You:

  • Ensure compliance with the proper regulatory body (FEC, state campaign finance board)
  • Reconcile bank statements to disclosure reports
  • Ensure that activity is reported on the correct line of the disclosure report
  • Provide State Party Executive Committees with the most recent disclosure reports along with an updated cash report
  • Empower party decision makers with the information that they need
  • Budgeting
  • Conduct audits of activity and present findings to decision-makers
  • Amend previous reports to correct shortcomings
  • Provide continuity for record-keeping and reporting to minimize effects of staff turnover
  • Leverage proprietary technology with experience


Don't know how to start or set up a campaign? 

The campaign will start small, but will inevitably grow. We need a vendor that can scale quick if possible

Our Treasurer has a full time job and is too busy to worry about the day-to-day minutiae

We need someone to handle our receipts, expenses, and reporting. We can't keep track of all the reporting dates and obligations