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Vortex or Apex

Accounts Payable & Expense Tracking

Accountability and Transparency

​Red Curve Solutions ® harnesses the power of VORTEX℠, its proprietary revenue & expense management system to impose financial accountability on your organization.

Red Curve Solutions ® utilizes a proprietary expense management system called VORTEX℠.

VORTEX℠ imposes a multi-tier approval process to ensure accountability.

Client will designate three levels of VORTEX℠ users:

A) Staff Level
B) Manager Level
C) Director Level

All expenses run through a basic, core process:

  1. Staff members enters an expense into VORTEX℠.
  2. Staff member uploads supporting documentation for expense into VORTEX℠.
  3. An expense will not advance without required supporting documentation.
  4. Manager reviews the expense and documentation. Manager will either approve the expense, ask the Staff member for more information, or withhold his or her approval.
  5. Once the Manager approves, the Director will review the expense and documentation. The Director will either approve, ask for more information, or withhold his or her approval.
  6. Once the Director approves the expense, a check is cut by Red Curve Solutions ®.
  7. The check is put in the mail and sent to the vendor.

Key Features of Red Curve Solutions ® Expense Management System

Built-in Checks and Balances

Promotes organizational transparency

Decentralizes power over the purse.

Provides an audit trail of activity

Prevents unauthorized transactions

Keeps the organization within its budget

Guards against embezzlement and fraud