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All Details Matter

Our detailed approach to compliance will give you the piece of mind that the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted. Our comprehensive approach allows us to see all of the moving parts and to prevent unforced error.

Campaign finance rules are in constant flux. Contribution limits change. Disclosure rules are altered with one stroke of a legislative pen, or the administrative fiat of an agency. Campaign finance rules can be altered mid-election cycle. Red Curve Solutions ® has the experience and technology to keep you compliant in what may seem like choppy waters.

Red Curve Solutions ® has the following compliance resources for your organization:

Proprietary technology harnessed to enforce and follow the rules

Experienced personnel

Reporting capabilities at the federal and state level

Processes to ensure that your organization only accepts permissible contributions

Mechanisms to refund impermissible contributions

A system to detect and prevent unauthorized or impermissible expenditures